Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walker in violation of court order

This morning a Wisconsin court issued an injunction against the police shut-down of the Capitol. Police, under orders, are refusing to allow people to enter the building.  Parties are arguing in court for the order to be enforced and for the injunction to be made permanent.

The court undoubtedly ruled this way because keeping people from entering the State Capitol is a violation of the Wisconsin State Constitution, which reads:

Our house
Article I, §4 – ANNOT. The legislature cannot prohibit an individual from entering the capitol or its grounds. 59 Atty. Gen. 8.

Pretty simple. A fairly straightforward statement that citizens must have access to the building in which their government meets, deliberates, and legislates.

What is it about these supposed 'law and order' rightist politicians who violate the law whenever it serves their interests? In this case, the interest is quite personal. Walker is trying to save himself from the embarrassment of vocal critics in the rotunda as he delivers his proposed budget, a plan to gut this state's social services and destroy government - the plan of the right wing and their corporate sponsors.

My guy, Sen. Chris Larson, took time today to thank me for my emails - not the formal response, the quick one from a mobile phone.  31 years old. Can't wait to vote for him again.

Meanwhile, my brother is outside one of the Capitol entrances, waiting with a bunch of social workers, cops out of uniform and others to get in as soon as possible. Life is good. When people are awake and engaged in the cause of justice, life is good.

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