Thursday, March 3, 2011

Power play - a nasty one

Oh goodness, Republican state senators are charging the 'Wisconsin 14' with contempt of the Senate. They're prepared to drag 'em back in handcuffs. Force is allowed 'if necessary.'

This isn't helpful.

Of course, with a threat like this, how likely is it that the Democrats will come back any time soon?

This is absurd. The unreasonableness of one side, the unwillingness to negotiate and compromise (the art of governing) when a deal is offered - we accept the budget cuts in the budget repair bill if you separate out the provision that would crush collective bargaining rights - compared to protesters chanting things like, "Let us in, please."

But what punitive measures like this do is further poison the political atmosphere. They make it harder and harder to imagine this state legislature ever working together with its current membership. Next up are law suits and recall efforts in several Senate districts targeting both Democrats and Senators.

Thus has the Scott Walker power play rendered politics in my state uglier than it has ever been.  Friends, may we not respond in kind.

[I will be unable to post again until next Tuesday.]

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