Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To the People of Wisconsin

Friends, two folks who helped out, supported, cared for our Wisconsin 14 while they were away have written an open letter to all of us in the state to tell us what really went on during the more than 3 weeks that these folks were 'on the lam.'  It is eloquent and will only make you prouder of our Senators.

It was a pleasure to host this group of dedicated and loyal people... Although we are very private people, we decided to write this letter because, just as you had a right to learn the contents of your Governor’s proposed bill, you have a right to know the truth of what happened during the three weeks your Senators worked in Illinois. We witnessed first-hand how these Senators never stopped working from the moment they made the heart-breaking decision to leave the state they love. They made many personal sacrifices because every week they received tens of thousands of messages from their constituents pleading with them to not return. 

"We are proud to be your neighbors," they write, and I just want to tell them that we are proud that they are ours!

Read the entire letter here.

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