Friday, March 18, 2011

Busting public sector unions is violation of international labor law

The International Commission for Labor Rights (ICLR) may not be a favorite of Republicans - who hate the UN, International Criminal Court, and other international bodies that might put any legal constraints on this country's behavior - but still, this is an important statement.  It is an assertion that collective bargaining rights are human rights, and that public sector workers are being denied legally recognized rights in our state - and in Ohio, and in Michigan, and in Indiana...

Collective Bargaining Rights Are Fundamental Human Rights-Denying Them is Illegal

Statement of the International Commission for Labor Rights.

As workers in the thousands and hundreds of thousands in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio and around the country demonstrate to protect the right of public sector workers to collective bargaining, the political battle has overshadowed any reference to the legal rights to collective bargaining. The political battle to prevent the loss of collective bargaining is reinforced by the fact that stripping any collective bargaining rights is blatantly illegal. Courts and agencies around the world have uniformly held the right of collective bargaining in the public sector is an essential element of the right of Freedom of Association, which is a fundamental right under both International law and the United States Constitution.
 To read the entire statement, go here.

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