Friday, May 20, 2011

Walker raises taxes on the poor

It's bad enough that our intransigent, uncompassionate gov wants to give the state away to corporations that funded his political career. It's bad enough that in a time of great financial pain for Wisconsin families he is lowering taxes on the wealthy and on corporations doing business in our state. It's bad enough that he gives these guys tax breaks, supports lowering wage scales by busting unions, handing a cheaper labor force and more of our natural resources to those same corporate backers.

But now he wants to help balance these giveaways by raising taxes on poor families. He tries to do this by stealth and denial, but even his fan base at the Journal Sentinel called him out on this one. You can read about it here.

Doesn't get much more cynical than this - or unjust, even immoral. Remember, this is the guy who says he has 'walked to Christ' and I am left wondering if there is some other Gospel besides the four I know where Jesus says, blessed are you rich, I shall take from the poor so that you can become wealthier.

Really, at least say what you're about without distorting the message of Jesus Christ, okay? without using him in a cynical fashion to try to justify your intransigent political agenda that is clearly hurting those 'blessed' and preferred by the guy you call savior, the guy who had a few things to say about the rich and powerful in his own day.

I'm saddened today - because I see what is happening in my state (I mean, put together this revelation on taxes with Walker today signing the bill that will disenfranchise many of these same people after last night's abhorrent scene in the Senate - see previous post) and I know that it means more pain and suffering for good struggling families, farmers, urban poor, etc. seemingly without striking the consciences of those creating this hurtful unjust budget. 

I see injustice deepening in my state. It is indeed a sad, sad period in Wisconsin's history. And sad, too, because we are a long way from the kind of broad solidarity among our people that can reverse this terrible anti-democratic, plutocratic momentum.

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