Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh good, now comes the Wild West to a neighborhood near you!

Really, Wisconsin Repubs are nothing if not nervy.  While trampling the rights of citizens to vote, to decent wages and benefits, to a good education for our kids, to public transportation, to natural beauty and healthy air, water, and food, to collective bargaining, and more - they are about to unleash the gun whirlwind, a concealed carry law that, in the form promoted by real gun crazies, Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) and Pam Galloway (R-Wausau), would allow people to obtain guns with no mandated training in how to use the bloody things, and potentially without having to obtain permits.

Good thinking!  We sure wouldn't want to know who exactly is carrying these guns, or whether or not they have the basic competency we insist on for things like driving a car!

Some rights matter more to these Repubs than others.  How much N.R.A. support did these people get back when they were running for office? [This site is sick and very disturbing.]  This website states flatly that the National Rifle Association wrote this bill, another sign of outside groups writing legislation for us. I will search for another source for this info.

Well, why not? As life gets harder and harder in this state, in the philosophical universe of Ayn Rand where some of our politicians live (Ron Johnson being among them), the superior and the powerful get to look out for their own interests and the rest of us and the common good be damned!  Those concerns are only for the weak.  I wait for more scared people falling into insecurity, more anti-immigrant or racist fearmongers, to put themselves in the class of the superior, go into a gun and ammo store, and come out loaded for bear.

The O.K. Corral come to Wisconsin, to our beautiful Wisconsin.

As the JS article notes, hunters must show competence with their weapons. We do have in this state a hunter culture, even a gun culture, but in the case of hunters, with some care and consideration for the power of these weapons and the damage they can do. We saw what handguns can do in a shopping mall in Tucson last January. We saw what lax rules and regulations about handguns can do.

I am particularly entertained by the comments of gun-fan Galloway: "People who carry concealed as private citizens are responsible people." Ha ha! that's a good one!  Only very responsible people buy guns with the intention of concealing them.  Right!

This is what the Repubs want to bring to our state.  I don't want it.  Let them know you don't want this either.

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