Friday, May 20, 2011

Lena Taylor knows about voter suppression

I don't blog on Friday nights, and supposedly folks don't read blog posts over the weekend. But I was too much enraged by the voter suppression bill, and too much dismayed by how the white Repubs in my state's legislature, and my white rightist gov, just moved us back several generations in honoring the right of all citizens to have access to the voting booth, and way too moved - almost to tears - to hear Lena Taylor, only the second African-American woman to sit in the Wisconsin State Senate, list the many ways in which my state, my state, has turned its back on the civil rights and voting rights legislation of the 1960s, for crying out loud!

So over this weekend, please take the time to view these 2 videos. Lena Taylor nails it.  Lena Taylor knows what it means to take away all over again the voting rights won only 40 years ago in the civil rights struggle.

We will have to do it again. One day when we realize that rightist corporate anti-democratic white folks took their moment to attack the civil rights of so many of our fellow citizens, we will have to work again to win them back.  And that makes this day a sad one indeed.

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