Saturday, February 26, 2011

Walker is tearing the community apart

Scott, really, being elected to office in a democracy does not mean you get to impose rule; it means you are given the chance to govern - not just your Koch brother donors, not just the meanest part of the political culture, but governance of all the state.

Your job, especially in tough times, is not to appeal to personal grandiosity, proclaim yourself Reaganesque; it is to build bridges, bring people together at the table to figure out how we work together to solve big problems without hurting the most vulnerable among us even more than the times and the politics of the day harm them.

You want to be a leader? Quit ripping this community to shreds! Negotiations and compromise are the hallmarks of good governance. Without that, you are only a bully, merely stubborn. Those are characteristics of stalemate and bitterness, which will lead us nowhere.

Friends, don't let him do this to us!  I mean, this:

This guy could set the politics of our state back many, many years. Don't fall for it. We need to pull together now. Without that, this state is headed towards a very difficult future.

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