Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things we should know about what's going on in Madison

It is becoming clearer that Scott Walker's attack on government and the public sector is part of a coordinated strategy with some powerful business interests involved.  We have written about the Koch brothers, their investments in the state of Wisconsin, the dirty industries at the heart of the multi-billion personal empire.  Now this - Koch Industries has moved a lobbying office right into the heart of Madison:

Koch Brothers Quietly Open Lobbying Office in Downtown Madison

And then this: Notorious Pro-Corporate Group ALEC's Hidden Role in Stoking Class War in Wisconsin and the Rest of America.

The citizens of any democracy have got to be informed, they have to know who the power players are and what their agenda is, in order to make informed decisions. There are darkening shadows all around this Walker administration. The more deeply entrenched they become, the harder it will be to dig them back out of our democratic process. And if Walker intends to sell off public resources to them - well, don't you want to know about it? After all, they belong to you.

From the Cap Times article:

"It's curious that the Kochs have apparently expanded their lobbying presence just as Walker was sworn into office and immediately before a budget was unveiled that would allow the executive branch unilateral power to sell off public utilities in this state in no-bid contracts," says Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy.
People think I'm extreme when I say the intent of the right is to sell off our government and our resources to corporate America. But you see - I am not making it up.

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