Friday, February 18, 2011

Walker funded by Koch brothers

The Koch brothers are out to purchase government at all sorts of levels. They are out to bust unions all across the country, are major funders of Tea Party groups, even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hangs out with them. Remember the Supreme Court? the group that gutted campaign finance laws in a way that benefits the Kochs by allowing them to shield campaign contributions?

The Koch brothers were among the largest donors to Scott Walker's campaign. We need to know this in order to fully appreciate what he is trying to do now, and what he intends to do in the governor's office over the next four years.

Only the organized voice of the citizens of this state can counter the power of money at such a grand scale. Many people who voted for Walker and Tea Party Republicans did not know what the real agenda was.  It gets clearer by the day.

Read about the Koch brothers here and then here. Defend your democracy!

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