Thursday, April 14, 2011

Must read - for whom do Walker and Prosser really work?

Friends, I'm on the move for a few days and will post only sporadically.  However, the article linked here is a must read! It shows just how much Walker and Prosser work not for you and me but for Koch Industries. This is not a political statement, it is what good investigated journalism is uncovering:

Walker and Prosser Crushed Regulations on Koch Industries Phosphorous Pollution in Wisconsin

Now please remember what Prosser's challenger, JoAnne Kloppenberg, has been doing for a living - she is assistant attorney general and her responsibilities include constitutional law, appellate law, civil litigation, environmental prosecution and administrative law.

Now you can understand why Koch, in the guise of Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, etc. would spend millions on campaign ads to defeat her - and another reason why Waukesha's questionable election, and the secret ballot counting tactics of County Clerk Kathleen Nickolaus is so disturbing, given her past connection with Prosser when he was in the Assembly, and the fact that Waukesha voting tallies have been suspect for several election cycles in a row.

One of the most crucial struggles of this era now is to take our democracy back from the corporations who have purchased it with their now Supreme Court guaranteed unlimited campaign spending. We are not just losing collective bargaining rights and the rights to a decent life; we are losing democracy itself - because the majority of us have stopped caring about it or participating in it a long time ago. In that vacuum, corporations are moving in, and they are changing the rules, regulations, and government itself to their ends.

Awfully hard to get democracy back once it is gone...

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