Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Historic, isn't it?

Like you, I am stunned by the Supreme Court election result - 100% of the vote in, JoAnne Kloppenburg ahead of Prosser by a couple hundred votes. Wow! This is amazing. I am completely intrigued by the whole thing, fascinated that this election became supercharged like nothing we have seen in this state in a long, long time. Kloppenburg comes out of nowhere to win a near dead-heat against an 11-year incumbent!

Thanks to Scott Walker and the State Senate Republicans who could not have done a better job of motivating this emergent movement! See what hubris can bring you - when you don't have anything near what you thought you had to back it up.

What it shows in part is the significance of the State of Wisconsin in the great awakening of people in the U.S. to the corporate takeover of governments all around the country, to the encroachment of a fiercely anti-government agenda over much that we hold dear, high on the list for me being decency and a bit of fairness in how this country is run, what services it provides, the necessity of its role in protecting the rights of those who are not wealthy, not powerful corporate CEOs, not hedge fund investors, but working folks, middle class, and the rising population of those living in poverty.

Take a look at the Paul Ryan budget proposal which he himself calls not a budget but 'a cause.' It is a cause all right - for an acceleration of the income disparities that are ripping this country apart, lowering even more the tax rates on the rich and on their privileged wealth, and shredding government programs that have made this country a decent place for most of us to live (though, to our shame, never all of us).

We are a wealthy country. The only reason we face a debt and budget crisis is because the rich have made off with the economy of the nation, leaving more and more millions of people on its margins, or not in it at all. They are using us and our nation's resources to become even wealthier and to control elections, politicians, and legislation.

So I am completely awed by what has happened in this Supreme Court race. Whoever ends up winning that seat, a strong, clear message has been sent to Gov Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers - their agenda is not welcome in this state.

Hang onto your hats!  With recounts and recalls, we have some interesting weeks ahead of us!

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