Thursday, November 10, 2011

One more on guns

Okay, yes, one more on our gun insanity. Did you see this article in the morning sports section?

Law will allow transporting uncased long guns

We are gun crazy. We are insane. These are hunting associations run amok.  This is in-your-face gun policy aimed at every person who ever thought it a good idea to have some gun control laws. How will we ever undo this damage?! Once you put guns and permissive laws like these into effect, just try and reverse them any time soon.

Here's what one hunting educator had to say about this law, as quoted in the article:

Wisconsin hunter education instructors, who for decades have taught long guns should be transported unloaded and in a closed case, are overwhelmingly opposed to the new law.

Is it because change is hard? Or something else?

"If it was for safety reasons, I'd be all for it," said Gary Egan, 64, of Marshall, a Wisconsin hunter education instructor for 28 years. "But this law seems to make things easier for violators and does nothing for safety. There's no place for uncased and loaded guns in a vehicle, in my opinion, whether it's legal or not."

We agree. And we also agree with those who are coming to realize that their votes for the Walker/Fitzgerald regime last year was not a vote for this.

Really, I will write this again, it's almost as if they are begging for someone to shoot somebody. Maybe they will eventually try to prove that that's okay too.

With best wishes to Gabby Giffords...

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